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Spectrum DCOLLECT Reporter - the 4GL DCOLLECT Report Writer.

Spectrum DCOLLECT Reporter. The 4GL Report Writer for DCOLLECT Files.

Spectrum DCOLLECT Reporter
Free 30 Day Trial

We invite you to download and run our free 30-day evaluation copy of Spectrum DCOLLECT Reporter on your mainframe computer. Now you can produce your own custom reports from your shop's DCOLLECT files. Free for 30 days!

Simply fill out the registration form below and agree to the terms of the Trial Software Agreement.

During your 30-day trial, be sure to contact us for licensing information. Once you return our license agreement, we can simply extend the expiration date on the same copy of Spectrum DCOLLECT Reporter that you've already downloaded and installed. Continue to create your own custom DCOLLECT reports without installing anything else!


To proceed with downloading the 30-day evaluation copy of Spectrum DCOLLECT Reporter, please fill out the registration information below. All fields are required.

If you don't want to register and download Spectrum DCOLLECT Reporter at this time, click here to return to the home page.











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Trial Software Agreement

My company would like to try Spectrum DCOLLECT Reporter free for 30 days. We agree:

1) that the program and documentation are proprietary materials of Pacific Systems Group, LLC (PSG)

2) not to pass the proprietary material to any third party, and to protect the confidentiality of the proprietary materials

3) the program will be used for evaluation purposes only and not for productive use (inexpensive one-month licenses are available for short-term productive use)

4) that PSG will not be liable for any direct or indirect damages relating to the use of this product

5) that if we decide not to license the product at the end of the trial period, we will discontinue using it and will delete all copies of the proprietary material (including DCOLLECT record definitions) from our computers and storage devices.

I have read and agree to the above terms.


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