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Welcome to Pacific Systems Group. Software Solutions for IBM Mainframes since 1981.

What Our Users Have to Say
About Our Products and Service

"You have some really great software and I'm really glad you do such great support for it. Thanks again, and again, and again..."

There is nothing else that can replace SAS per our requirements for our performance tower... I very much appreciate the opportunity to use your products to provide value to my company for reporting and for issue resolution.

"First, let me say that your product has helped me pull off a miracle, by finishing a SMF and Dcollect reporting project in less than a month. There is simply no way this could have been accomplished without the SMF Writer product. I think it is an exceptionally well designed system, and is certainly the best tool of its type anywhere. If I have the opportunity to recommend the tool to any future clients, I will not hesitate."

"Thank you for making trialing the product so easy. Installation was exceedingly easy and took no time at all. I’ve already executed some reporting based out of the manuals, and I’m trying to discern the REC* copy members."

"We really like your product. It is really easy to figure out and use. The documentation is excellent."

"Thanks for a GREAT product!"

"Everything we hoped it would be. In fact, I can honestly say it exceeded our initial expectations."

"I can create reports in a few minutes. I don't know what I'd do without it."

"It is easy to use, flexible and has all the features needed to produce virtually any type of report."

"The syntax is straightforward, the documentation is good, the support is good."

"Got exactly equal results as running my previous SAS/MXG report. The difference was that your product was much quicker and used less cpu."

"The storage team was interested in DCOLLECT which I easily got working based on the information you gave on another of your emails. Also, I wrote an SMF type 77 enqueue report that I’ll share with the storage team because they are interested in seeing results for a particular major/minor name. It was easy to write. Spectrum Writer executions are very forgiving and so far it has been difficult to sabotage an execution."

"By the way, the reports I asked for help with earlier in the week are running very well right now. The user is extremely happy. I produced some Excel files for her from our customers’ SMF files to debug a problem and she’s ecstatic she can produce all kinds of graphs and charts."

"I have an immediate need for a report that will not take me anytime at all using your tool. Thanks for everything!"

" I have downloaded and read the manual you provided, and I am simply amazed by the simplicity. I wish I had this product when I first started writing SMF reporting 30 years ago... Consequently your product appears to be the perfect solution."

"I’ve been experimenting quite a bit the last couple of days with downloading the PC format and loading into Excel and Access. That is very cool. I can produce snazzy reports very quickly."

"A few weeks ago, just to do a comparison, I wrote a C program to break down Type 42 Subtype 6 (just because I know from previous experience they are a little complicated). It took me several days of coding and testing to get just a basic C report without any options. I anticipate I’ll be able to do the same kind of reporting, with much more flexibility, in SMF Writer in a shorter time, even with the learning curve on the programming language associated with the product."

"We were able to download the evaluation copy, and I have found it super easy to use. To me, it is exactly the right tool for us to use."

"Your product was simple to install and so far it is pretty straight forward."

"I do like the product because of its ease. An associate asked at the beginning of this week if I had a way to see how many VSAM files and sequential files we had on our systems. I informed him that with this product I could quickly generate a report using the SMF type62 records for VSAM cluster opens and go back however far we keep out SMF records."

"It works fine now. I’m doing more and more ad hoc type reports off of SMF data and SMF Report Writer is a huge help for me!"

"You are truly a breath of fresh air in an industry that has level1 level2 level3 support. I have been twiddling bits in the mainframe for 40 years and the last 10 have been scarce to find support like you have provided. Being able to debug without the data is a truly scarce talent."

"I installed SMF Writer. It was quite easy and a straight forward installation. I also produced some first reports by example and played around with the different output options, namely the HTML option as I expect it will be the way to reconstruct the existing reports we already produce by our current reporting tool."

"Thanks for your help. I tweaked it a bit and got the results in the attached. I have a SAS “wizard” on my staff that I’ve tried to get this info from. A really great product for an old bit-flipper that finds himself in a management job ;-)"

"Since I only used the product today and saw how easy it was to generate these reports, it would save me a lot of time from writing assembler routines to do this. Hopefully I can get this point across to management."

That's perfect! I knew it could be done but I just couldn't find it. Thanks so much for your help. By the way, I love this product. I'm just getting my feet wet with it but I can see a lot of potential for our shop."

"We got it to work. I will be showing the results to my Manager. I LIKE this product! Thanks for your help."

"The Installation was very easy. I could run now the first reports. The Spectrum Writer seems to be a very nice and easy tool."

"The SMF report 6 worked just great for me. I was able to get the information that I needed and we are able to eliminate a large amount of JES2 printer definitions. I REALLY like your product and I am trying my best to prove how valuable that this product could be for us at such a low cost. For the couple of times that I have used the product in testing to produce certain results, I was able to get the information I needed without a large effort and time on my part. That is what I liked. I didn't have to create a new assembler program to do this work."

"You have a terrific product."

"We’re just starting up a performance/capacity planning group here. So I’m trying to get the basic tools in place. I think SAS is a bit of overkill and too expensive for what we want to do here. This product looks right in the sweet spot."

"Was good to hear from you again. I am liking the little product and am enjoying using it. The nice part for me is I can turn over the control cards to interested parties and not be stuck maintaining an assembler program from them. (Assembler is the language of the gods as far as I'm concerned, just like to program "fun" stuff, not the same stuff over and over. :-)"

"Thanks but it is all working perfectly. Really pleasantly surprised. ... It appears syntactically very similar to Easytrieve. I'm trying to get rid of SAS for SMF reporting and we'd like to get away from Easytrieve too."

"Wow!! Excellent turn around time!"

"As I mentioned before, I really appreciate all of your help, and wish that all of the vendors with whom I work were half as pleasant and helpful as you have been. It has been a pleasure."

"It has been a true pleasure working with you."

"Every day better !! Fantastic tool !!. Perfect, BRAVO !!"

"Thanks for all your patience and great Customer support."

"That did it! Thanks. Very slick. Everyone here is pretty impressed with this tool."

"I have tried running some reports and it is very straightforward."

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