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List of DCOLLECT Output Record Layouts and Descriptions

The DFSMS Data Collection Facility (DCOLLECT) is a function of access method services. DCOLLECT collects stored data set, volume and policy values into a sequential file you can use as input to other programs or applications.

The DCOLLECT output file consists of a number of different record types. Click on a DCOLLECT record type below to see its layout, a description of its fields and, in some cases, a sample report from that record.

We also have some sample DCOLLECT reports you can view.

DCOLLECT A Record — VSAM Association Information
DCOLLECT AG Record — Aggregate Group Information
DCOLLECT AI Record — Accounting Information from the ACS routines
DCOLLECT B Record — Backup Data Set Information
DCOLLECT BC Record — Base Configuration Information
DCOLLECT C Record — DASD Capacity Planning Information
DCOLLECT CN Record — Cache Names from the Base Configuration Information
DCOLLECT D Record — Active Data Set Record
DCOLLECT DC Record — Data Class construct information
DCOLLECT DR Record — OAM Drive Record Information
DCOLLECT LB Record — OAM Library Record Information
DCOLLECT M Record — Migrated Data Set Information
DCOLLECT MC Record — Management Class construct Information
DCOLLECT SC Record — Storage Class construct information
DCOLLECT SG Record — Storage Group construct Information
DCOLLECT T Record — Tape Capacity Planning Information
DCOLLECT V Record — Volume Information
DCOLLECT VL Record — Storage Group volume Information


If you work with DCOLLECT records, you probably also work with SMF files. We also offer:


Spectrum SMF Writer - the 4GL SMF Report Writer.

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