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Spectrum SMF Writer - Low-Cost 4GL Report Writer for SMF Files.

Spectrum SMF Writer

Spectrum SMF Writer FAQ

What is Spectrum SMF Writer?

Spectrum SMF Writer is a program that lets you easily make custom reports from your SMF files. Selects just the records and fields that you want. Compute your own new fields using lots of powerful builtin functions. Sort the report into any order, add any level of control groups, subtotals, etc. And you have total control over how the output is formatted.
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How does Spectrum SMF Writer work?

Spectrum SMF Writer runs as a batch job on your mainframe. You'll write a few control statements to describe the report that you want. Spectrum SMF Writer examines your control statements and then accesses the SMF file that you specify. It selects the data that you requested, sorts it, performs all the necessary data conversions and then formats it into an attractive report. (See some examples.)

With Spectrum SMF Writer, you can get useful information from your SMF data by writing just a few simple statements. It saves you the days and weeks it would otherwise take to write, test and debug a whole new COBOL program -- one with routines to process the I/O, select the correct records, reformat the data and format it all into a report, with heading routines, break logic, grand totals, etc. Now your programmers can quickly satisfy all the special requests for data from your SMF files.
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How can I export SMF data to a PC?

Yes. Spectrum SMF Writer can create either reports or PC export files. Use the same control statements to describe the export file that you want. (Which records to include, which fields to export, sort order, etc.) Spectrum SMF Writer then accesses and re-formats the complex SMF data, with its variablt loicated fields, bit fields, Julian dates, times in binary second, and so on. It then reformats this into the plain text-based numbers, dates and character fields that PC programs require. It also encloses the text data in quotation marks where needed, and adds commas as field separators. The result is a PC export file that can be easily opened by PC programs.
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Is it possible to make more than one report in a single run?

Yes. Spectrum SMF Writer lets you make as many reports and export files as you like during one run (that is, during one pass of the mainframe file.) And each report can be totally independant of the others. Each one can have its own record selection criteria, sort order, set of output fields, etc. This powerful feature allows you to reduce the total number of jobs needed to create your SMF-based reports, and greatly reduces the load on you CPU.
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How much does Spectrum SMF Writer cost?

See our price schedule here.
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Is Spectrum SMF Writer the same thing as Spectrum Writer?

No. Spectrum Writer is a general purpose 4GL report writer and file manipulation program. Spectrum SMF Writer does have at its core a part of the Spectrum Writer engine. But Spectrum SMF Writer has been pared down to provide a low-cost solution dedicated to performing one specific task perfectly -- reporting on SMF files. It includes all of the powerful features you need to make your own custom reports and export files from SMF data. But it does not produce reports on all the other files in your shop.

By the way, if you should decide to upgrade at some point in the future, ask us about applying a portion of your Spectrum SMF Writer payments toward a Spectrum Writer license.
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What's involved in licensing Spectrum SMF Writer?

It's very easy. You can get started whenever you like by downloading a free 30-day trial of Spectrum SMF Writer. You'll love the ease with which you'll be able to report on your SMF data. To keep right on using Spectrum SMF Writer, you just need to complete our license agreement. We'll then send you production authorization codes that will allow you to continue using the same program without having to install anything else.
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I have another question about Spectrum SMF Writer.

Just send us your question. We'll get back to you with an answer as soon as we can.


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