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SMF Type 81 Record

This table shows the record layout for type 81 SMF records
(RACF Initialization - z/OS 1.13).

List of other SMF record layouts available.
List of sample SMF reports.

Purpose: Record type 81 is written at the completion of the initialization of Resource Access Control Facility (RACF). This record contains:

  • Record type
  • Time stamp (time and date)
  • Processor identification
  • Name of each RACF database
  • Volume identification of each RACF database
  • Unit name of the RACF database
  • Data set name of the UADS data set
  • Volume identification of the UADS data set
  • RACF options
  • The maximum password interval
  • The default installation language codes in effect at IPL time.

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SMF Type 81 Record -- RACF Initialization - z/OS 1.13
Record length. This field and the next field (total of four bytes) form the RDW (record descriptor word). See “Standard SMF Record Header” on page 13-1 for a detailed description.
Segment descriptor (see record length field).
System indicator: Bit Meaning When Set 0-2 Reserved 3-6 Version indicators* 7 Reserved. *See “Standard SMF Record Header” on page 13-1 for a detailed description.
Record type 81 (X'51').
Time since midnight, in hundredths of a second, that the record was moved into the SMF buffer.
Date when the record was moved into the SMF buffer, in the form 0cyydddF. See “Standard SMF Record Header” on page 13-1 for a detailed description.
System identification (from the SID parameter).
Data set name of the RACF data base for this IPL (blanks if RACF is not active).
Volume identification of RACF data base. If the data base is split among several DASD volumes, this field equals the first primary data set. If RACF is not active, this field is blank.
Unit name of RACF data base; blanks if RACF is not active.
Data set name of the user attribute data set (UADS) data set for this IPL.
Volume identification of the user attribute data set (UADS) data set.
Options indicator Bit Meaning When Set 0 No RACINIT statistics are recorded 1 No DATASET statistics are recorded 2 RACINIT preprocessing exit routine, ICHRIX01, is active 3 RACHECK preprocessing exit routine, ICHRCX01, is active 4 RACDEF preprocessing exit routine, ICHRDX01, is active 5 RACINIT post-processing exit routine, ICHRIN02, is active 6 RACHECK post-processing exit routine, ICHRCX02, is active 7 New password exit routine, ICHPWX01, is active.
Options indicator 2 Bit Meaning When Set 0 No tape volume statistics are recorded 1 No DASD volume statistics are recorded 2 No terminal statistics are recorded 3 Command exit routine ICHCNX00 is active 4 Command exit routine ICHCCX00 is active 5 ADSP is not active 6 Encryption exit routine, ICHDEX01, is active 7 Naming convention table, ICHNCV00 is present.
Options indicator 3 Bit Meaning When Set 0 Tape volume protection is in effect. 1 No duplicate data set names are to be defined 2 DASD volume protection is in effect 3 Record contains version indicator 4 FRACHECK preprocessing exit routine, ICHRFX01, is active 5 RACLIST pre/postprocessing exit routine, ICHRLX01, is active 6 RACLIST selection exit routine, ICHRLX02, is active 7 RACDEF postprocessing exit routine, ICHRDX02, is active.
Audit options Bit Meaning When Set 0 User class profile changes are being logged 1 Group class profile changes are being logged 2 Data set class profile changes are being logged 3 Tape volume class profile changes are being logged 4 DASD volume class profile changes are being logged 5 Terminal class profile changes are being logged 6 RACF command violations are being logged 7 SPECIAL user activity is being logged.
Audit options 2 Bit Meaning When Set 0 Operation user activity 1 Audit by security level is in effect 2-7 Reserved.
Terminal verification options indicator Bit Meaning When Set 0 Terminal authorization checking is in effect 1 Universal access for undefined terminals is NONE; if not set, UACC=READ 2 REALDSN is in effect 3 JES-XBMALLRACF is in effect 4 JES-EARLYVERIFY is in effect 5 JES-BATCHALLRACF is in effect 6 FRACHECK post processing exit routine, ICHRFX02, is active 7 Reserved.
Maximum password interval (0-254).
Offset to the first relocate section from the beginning of the record header.
Number of relocate sections.
Version indicator (6 = RACF Version 1, Release 7). As of RACF 1.8.1, SMF81VRM is used instead.
Single-level data set name.
Options indicator 4 Bit Meaning When Set 0 TAPEDSN is in effect 1 PROTECT-ALL is in effect 2 PROTECT-ALL warning is in effect 3 ERASE-ON-SCRATCH is in effect 4 ERASE-ON-SCRATCH by SECLEVEL is in effect 5 ERASE-ON-SCRATCH for all data sets is in effect 6 Enhanced generic naming is in effect 7 Record contains a version, release, and modification number (see SMF81VRM).
Options indicator 5 Bit Meaning When Set 0 Access control by program is in effect 1-7 Reserved.
System retention period in effect.
Security level for ERASE-ON-SCRATCH in effect.
Security level for auditing in effect.
2020 RACF 2.2 and OS/390 Security Server (RACF) V1 R2
2030 OS/390 Security Server (RACF) V1 R3
2040 OS/390 Security Server (RACF) V2 R4
2060 OS/390 Security Server (RACF) V2 R6
2608 OS/390 Security Server (RACF) V2 R8
7703 OS/390 Security Server (RACF) V2 R10 and z/OS Security Server (RACF) V1 R1
7705 z/OS Security Server (RACF) V1 R2
7706 z/OS Security Server (RACF) V1 R3
7707 z/OS Security Server (RACF) V1 R4
7708 z/OS Security Server (RACF) V1 R5
7709 z/OS Security Server (RACF) V1 R6
7720 z/OS Security Server (RACF) V1 R7
7730 z/OS Security Server (RACF) V1 R8
7740 z/OS Security Server (RACF) V1 R9
7760 z/OS Security Server (RACF) V1 R11
7780 z/OS Security Server (RACF) V1 R13
RACF 1.9.0 SETROPTS options. Bit Meaning When Set 0 SECLABELCONTROL is in effect 1 CATDSNS is in effect 2 MLQUIET is in effect 3 MLSTABLE is in effect 4 MLS is in effect 5 MLACTIVE is in effect interval 6 GENERICOWNER is in effect 7 SECLABELAUDIT is in effect.
Partner LU-verification session key.
RACF 1.9.0 SETROPTS options extension Bit Meaning When Set 0 Reserved. 1 CATDSNS failures are in effect 2 MLS failures are in effect 3 MLACTIVE failures are in effect 4-7 Reserved.
Default primary language for an installation.
Default secondary language for an installation.
Level of KERB segment processing in effect.
Minimum days between password changes
Options indicator 6
Bit Meaning when set
0 Mixed case passwords
1 New password phrase installation exit is active
2 Field validation exit point (IRRVAF01) for custom fields is active Note: The IRRVAF01 exit point is defined to dynamic exit services. Bit 2 of SMF810P6 indicates that an exit routine was active for this exit point at the time of the last IPL when the SMF record was written. The status can change either way multiple times throughout the life of the IPL. See the z/OS Security Server RACF System Programmer’s Guide for more information.
3–7 Reserved for IBM’s use
More SETROPTS options
Bit Meaning when set
0 MLFSOBJ is active
1 MLIPCOBJ is active
2 MLNAMES is active
3 SECLBYSYSTEM is active
4–7 Reserved for IBM’s use
Reserved for IBM’s use
Relocate Section
(Offset from beginning of record: SMF81REL)
Data type. For description of the variable data elements of the relocate section, see z/OS Security Server RACF Macros and Interfaces.
Length of data that follows.
Data. For description of the variable data elements of the relocate section, see z/OS Security Server RACF Macros and Interfaces.

The table above is based on the description provided by IBM in its "MVS Systems Management Facilities (SMF)" manual.

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