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SMF Type 19 Record

This table shows the record layout for type 19 SMF records
(Direct Access Volume).

List of other SMF record layouts available.
List of sample SMF reports.

Purpose: Record type 19 is written:
1. For each online device associated with a specific IPL time frame,
2. For each online device associated with a processed HALT EOD or SWITCH SMF command, and
3. When a direct access volume that is defined by DD statement is demounted.

This record contains:

  • The volume serial number
  • The volume table of contents (VTOC) address
  • The owner identification
  • The unit type
  • The number of unused alternate tracks
  • The number of unallocated cylinders and tracks
  • The number of cylinders and tracks in the largest free extent
  • The number of unallocated extents.

It contains the device number and module identification for devices having movable plugs.

1. Record type 19 is not produced for DOS volumes used under the operating system.
2. In order to determine the latest status of a shared file, the CPU clocks must be synchronized.

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SMF Type 19 Record -- Direct Access Volume
Record length. This field and the next field (total of four bytes) form the RDW (record descriptor word). See “Standard SMF Record Header” on page 13-1 for a detailed description.
Segment descriptor (see record length field).
System indicator: Bit Meaning When Set 0-2 Reserved 3-6 Version indicators* 7 Reserved.*See “Standard SMF Record Header” on page 13-1 for a detailed description.
Record type 19 (X'13').
Time since midnight, in hundredths of a second, when the record was moved into the SMF buffer.
Date when the record was moved into the SMF buffer, in the form 0cyydddF. See “Standard SMF Record Header” on page 13-1 for a detailed description.
System identification (from the SID parameter).
Volume serial number.
Owner identification from the VTOC.
Device type.
Volume table of contents (VTOC) address (format of CCHHR).
Volume table of contents (VTOC) indicator Bit Meaning When Set 0 Format 5 data set control blocks (DSCB) missing or erroneous 1-2 Reserved 3 VTOC does not begin on record 1 4 Accurate Format 5 and 6 data set control blocks (DSCB); bit 0 set to zero 5 Possible VTOC or VTOC index error 6 VTOC error has been fixed; bit 5 set to zero 7 Indexed VTOC.
Number of data set control blocks (DSCB) calculated as: number of DSCBs per track times number of tracks in VTOC.
Number of data set control blocks (DSCB) — format 0 DSCBs, that is, number of available DSCBs.
Number of unused alternate tracks.
Number of unallocated cylinders. 54 36 2 binary Number of unallocated tracks.
Number of cylinders in the largest unallocated extent. 58 3A 2 binary Number of tracks in the largest unallocated extent.
Number of unallocated extents.
Device Number.
Module identification or drive number indicating physical identity of devices having moveable address plugs. This field is taken from bits 2-7 of sense byte 4 for these devices. (See the component descriptions of these devices for the meaning of sense byte 4.)

The table above is based on the description provided by IBM in its "MVS Systems Management Facilities (SMF)" manual.

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