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Spectrum SMF Writer - Low-Cost 4GL Report Writer for SMF Files.

Sample PrintWay Report from SMF 6 Records

It's easy to report on SMF data!

SMF Spectrum Writer
We have a low-cost 4GL report writer especially for SMF files. It's called Spectrum SMF Writer.

Spectrum SMF Writer handles the difficult SMF record parsing for you automatically. You just specify which fields you want to see.

Spectrum SMF Writer also converts the arcane date and time fields and reformats them into an attractive report.

Plus Spectrum SMF Writer even exports SMF data as comma delimited files to use on your PC.
Try It FREE Now!

The sample SMF report below was created with Spectrum SMF Writer, the low-cost 4GL SMF report writer.

It reads as input the SMF file and selects just the type 6 (IP PrintWay) records. (See SMF 6 IP PrintWay record layout.)

We print a report showing information from each PrintWay log record. The report shows date and time, task information, host name, user ID and the output DD involved.

These events are sorted into host name order, and then by date and time.

This report was sent to us by a user. (Of course we anonymized their actual data.) He included the following comment:

"This is perfect. We had a “Chinese-fire-drill’ last week over a PrintWay remote printer. Long story short, your couple lines of Spectrum code will replace a lot of SAS code reading PrintWay records."

All of this with just a few lines of code!
Why not install a Spectrum SMF Writer trial right now and start making your own SMF reports!

These Spectrum SMF Writer Statements:

INCLUDEIF: SMF6RTY = 6           /* smf6 record      */
      AND  SMF6SBS = 9           /* PRINTWAY RECORD  */
TITLE:     'PrintWay SMF6 records listed by HOST'


Produce This SMF Report:

                PrintWay SMF6 records listed by HOST

       Print      Print     Host    Task     USER     Task      DD 
SYSID   Date      Time      Name    Name      ID       #       Name
_____ ________ ___________ ______ ________ ________ ________ _______
SYSK  07/02/13 09:30:51.55 nb1sye ABC05    ABC05    TSU05817 OUTPUT
SYSK  07/12/13 12:46:31.13 nb1sye ABC05    ABC05    TSU01566 OUTPUT
SYSK  07/12/13 12:47:25.73 nb1sye ABC05    ABC05    TSU01566 OUTPUT
SYSK  07/12/13 12:48:05.20 nb1sye ABC05    ABC05    TSU01566 OUTPUT
SYSK  08/13/13 08:52:55.72 nb1sye ABC05    ABC05    TSU00651 OUTPUT
SYSK  07/31/13 05:01:55.47 nb1syg TMLS@240 ZBZ00    JOB02881 SASLIST
SYSK  08/31/13 05:01:59.30 nb1syg TMLS@240 ZBZ00    JOB01237 SASLIST

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Spectrum Writer 4GL - the economical alternative to SAS, Easytrieve, DYL-280...

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