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Spectrum SMF Writer - Low-Cost 4GL Report Writer for SMF Files.

Sample Report from SMF 120
WebSphere Application Java CPU Times

It's easy to report on SMF data!

SMF Spectrum Writer
We have a low-cost 4GL report writer especially for SMF files. It's called Spectrum SMF Writer.

Spectrum SMF Writer handles the difficult SMF record parsing for you automatically. You just specify which fields you want to see.

Spectrum SMF Writer also converts the arcane date and time fields and reformats them into an attractive report.

Plus Spectrum SMF Writer even exports SMF data as comma delimited files to use on your PC.
Try It FREE Now!

The sample SMF report below was created with Spectrum SMF Writer, the low-cost 4GL SMF report writer. It reads as input the SMF file and selects just the type 120 WebSphere Application records for Jave 2 Enterprise Edition containers. (See SMF 120-5 record layout.) It then prints a report line for each Java bean method accounting section found. The report shows CPU time information about those Java bean methods. Note that a single SMF 120 record can contain information about multiple beans and multiple methods per bean.

All of this with just a few of code!
Why not install a Spectrum SMF Writer trial right now and start making your own SMF reports!

These Spectrum SMF Writer Statements:

INPUT:  SMF12005



     SMF120JB1_EBC(10 'BEAN|NAME')
     SMF120JM1_EBC(25 'BEAN|METHOD')
     SMF120JM2(5 'TIMES|INVOK')
     SMF120JM3('AVG|RSP|TIME' TPIC'9.999' )
     SMF120JM4('MAX|RSP|TIME' TPIC'9.999'  )
     SMF120JMQ('AVG|CPU|TIME' TPIC'9.999999' )
     SMF120JMR('MIN|CPU|TIME' TPIC'9.999999')
     SMF120JMS('MAX|CPU|TIME' TPIC'9.999999')


Produce This SMF Report:

                                            Z/OS WEBSPHERE APPLICATION SMF 120 DATA
                                             SUBTYPE 5 -- J2EE CONTAINER ACTIVITY

     TRANS TRANS                                                                         AVG   MAX    AVG      MIN      MAX
 SUB SERVE SERVER CONTAINE                      BEAN              BEAN            TIMES  RSP   RSP    CPU      CPU      CPU
 TYP HOST   NAME    NAME     CELL     NODE      NAME             METHOD           INVOK TIME  TIME    TIME     TIME     TIME
 ___ _____ ______ ________ ________ ________ __________ _________________________ _____ _____ _____ ________ ________ ________

   5 AWT4  AXZ4S1 Default  AXZ4     AXZ44    Tonam::Inf invoke:java.lang.String,j     1 0.014 0.014 0.013665 0.013665 0.013665
   5 AWT4  AXZ4S1 Default  AXZ4     AXZ44    Tonam::Inf invoke:java.lang.String,j     1 0.020 0.020 0.006287 0.006287 0.006287
   5 AWT4  AXZ4S1 Default  AXZ4     AXZ44    Tonam::Inf login:java.lang.String,ja     1 0.006 0.006 0.004206 0.004206 0.004206
   5 AWT4  AXZ4S1 Default  AXZ4     AXZ44    Tonam::Inf invoke:java.lang.String,j     1 0.004 0.004 0.003605 0.003605 0.003605
   5 AWT4  AXZ4S1 Default  AXZ4     AXZ44    Tonam::Inf invoke:java.lang.String,j     1 0.007 0.007 0.004831 0.004831 0.004831
   5 AWT4  AXZ4S1 Default  AXZ4     AXZ44    Tonam::Inf invoke:java.lang.String,j     2 0.005 0.010 0.005650 0.001264 0.010036

 *** GRAND TOTAL (     6 ITEMS)

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Spectrum Writer 4GL - the economical alternative to SAS, Easytrieve, DYL-280...

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