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Need a Report Writer for Your CICS Applications?

CICS report writer

Spectrum Writer is the answer you're looking for!
Download your free 30-day trial today.

Spectrum Writer is the 4GL report writer and file-format utility
for z/OS, OS/390, MVS and VSE mainframes.

Spectrum Writer is ideal for handling the batch reporting side of your online CICS applications. Use your CICS system for online inquiries and updates. Use Spectrum Writer to produce production reports and custom queries from that system.

  • Use Spectrum Writer to:
  • create brand-new custom reports or queries in just minutes
  • create custom files by mixing, combining, extracting and reformatting your flat files, VSAM files and DB2 tables
  • compute your own new fields using powerful built-in functions
  • get break-wide and report-wide statistics
  • turn any of your mainframe data into Web reports (HTML format)
  • convert your mainframe data into ASCII files (comma-delimited or fixed format) for use in:
    • spreadsheet programs like Excel and Lotus
    • database programs like Microsoft Access
    • e-mail attachments
    • Oracle databases
    • Unix Web servers
    • any other mainframe, mini, or PC application that requires a custom file format
  • use existing COBOL or Assembler record layouts as your data dictionary  

See for yourself why Spectrum Writer is already in use at over 150 mainframe shops worldwide. Click here to read more about Spectrum Writer (and its pricing.) You can also download a free 30-day trial of this powerful report writer for CICS systems.

Attention Mainframe Software Vendors! Spectrum Writer is the ideal choice for adding custom reporting and file export functions to your own product. Learn more about OEM, VAR and bundling opportunities.

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Spectrum Writer 4GL - the economical alternative to SAS, Easytrieve, DYL-280...

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