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Spectrum Writer 4GL. The 4GL Report Writer and File Format Utility for Mainframes.
Spectrum Writer is a full-function 4GL report writer for z/OS and VSE mainframes. Spectrum Writer lets programmers and end users quickly produce production reports, custom one-time reports, analyses and queries.

Spectrum Writer is also a powerful format utility that extracts mainframe data and formats it any way you need it-- for PC programs such as Excel, Access, etc. Or, for use in Oracle databases or other ASCII-based platforms. Spectrum Writer can even format your mainframe data as HTML for immediate viewing on your Internet or Intranet site, or to send by e-mail.

Spectrum Writer accepts existing COBOL and Assembler record layouts so no data dictionary is required. Designed for both programmers and end users, it uses a simple free-format language. Spectrum Writer gives you 4GL access to every file on your mainframe. Written entirely in fast, efficient assembly language it uses far less CPU than other report writers.

Spectrum Writer's features include:

  • access multiple input files in a single run
  • produce multiple outputs (reports and/or files) in a single run
  • mix and match data from flat files, VSAM files and DB2 tables
  • create your own new fields
  • more than 50 built-in math, date, time and string functions
  • computes statistics
  • summarizes data
  • full customization of the output's appearance
  • unlimited number of control breaks
  • reports wider than 132 characters
  • prints bar graphs
  • validates numeric data to avoid SOC7 ABENDs.
  • PC-formatting feature reformats "non-PC-friendly" fields (such as packed, binary, and hex numbers, Julian dates, and bit fields). Spectrum Writer easily converts these fields to standard ASCII formats that PC programs can use.
  • accepts existing reports as input (and creates comma-delimited or HTML files)
  • automatically converts output to HTML-formatted "web reports", if desired
  • click here to see a longer list of Spectrum Writer features
Spectrum Writer Release History

Spectrum Writer 3.0.3
  • Floating point support
Spectrum Writer 3.0.1
  • Specify completion code for empty runs
  • Easy way to list all fields in report
  • Display numbers as Kb, Mb, Gb etc.
  • Many new built-in fuctions
  • Add any increment to a date or time
  • z/OS 1.9 aware
  • read details
Spectrum Writer 3.0.0
  • Create multiple reports (or output files) in a single run
  • New array handling features (supporting nested arrays and parallel arrays)
  • Stop a run early when a user-specified condition is detected
  • User-specified action for I/O errors
  • read details
Spectrum Writer 2.8.0
  • Easily turn a report into an HTML report
  • ASCII formatting options
Customers: You may upgrade to the latest version at any time. Download the 30-day trial version and use your site's production authorization codes.

CAUTION: Downloads are provided as a service to our customers. We suggest you create backups of any previous releases before installing a new release. We strongly suggest that you thoroughly test the new release in a testing environment before migrating it to production.

For more information about Spectrum Writer, and many sample runs, see our Online Brochure.

Attention Mainframe Software Vendors! Spectrum Writer is the ideal choice for adding custom reporting and file export functions to your own product. Learn more about OEM, VAR and bundling opportunities.

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Spectrum Writer 4GL - the economical alternative to SAS, Easytrieve, DYL-280...

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