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Use Mainframe Data in Excel with Spectrum Writer 4GL.

Spectrum Mainframe Exporter - Turn any mainframe data into delimited files for PC programs like Excel.

IND$FILE for Mainframe to PC File Transfers

IND$FILE is the long time standard program for transferring data between PC's and IBM mainframes.
Here is the syntax and options for IND$FILE.

ASCIIspecifies that the file stored on the PC in ASCII form is to be converted to EBCDIC during transfer to the host, and converted from EBCDIC to ASCII during transfer to the PC (needed for all non-binary file transfers)
CRLFspecifies that carriage return/line feed should be recognized and deleted before file is stored on the host, and deletes trailing spaces and inserts carriage return/line feed characters as the last two characters in a line when a file is stored on the PC.
APPENDallows you to append a PC file to the end of an OS data set, or an OS data set to the end of a PC file. The following options pertain only to the SEND command.
BLKSIZE(nnnn)specifies the block size of the MVS mainframe data set, where n is the length of a data block in bytes. If omitted, the default is LRECL for new files.
LRECL(80/nnnn)specifies the logical record length of the host data set, where n is the length of a logical data record in bytes. If LRECL is omitted, the default is 80 bytes for new files.
RECFM(F/V/U)specifies the record format for the data set. n is either F for fixed-length records, V for variable-length records, or U for undefined-length records.
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