Many mainframe shops have had Easytrieve around for years. Many going all the way back to its Pansophic heyday. As you know, Easytrieve is now owned by CA. The costs are high. And so is the level of frustration at many shops. Many shops are looking for a non-CA alternative to Easytrieve.

If you are tired of overpaying CA for Easytrieve,
we have great news for you!

ZWEASY is our plug-in-compatible replacement for Easytrieve, at a much lower cost!

ZWEASY is an enhanced version of z/Writer that includes a built-in Easytrieve converter. This one program lets you run all of your existing Easytrieve programs without any changes to either your Easytrieve code or to your JCL. Absolutely no conversion is required!

ZWEASY is written entirely in fast, efficient Assembler language to be easy on your CPU. Best of all, it comes from Pacific Systems Group, with its 30-year history of providing inexpensive, rock solid mainframe software backed up with first class service and support.

See for yourself why Pacific Systems Group products are already in use at over 300 mainframe shops worldwide. Download your own free 30-day trial of z/Writer (including ZWEASY) right now.

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