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Spectrum Writer Overview of Features

Chapter 4. Web Report Examples


Chapter Table of Contents

How to Create a Web Report in 5 Minutes
Writing your own HTML Tags

Spectrum Writer can also format your reports especially for viewing on Web browsers (such as Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.) You can put such reports on your company's Intranet or Internet site for easy company-wide (or public) viewing. Or, send your report as an e-mail attachment to colleagues-- they can automatically view the report right from their e-mail reader. Spectrum Writer is a powerful tool in the move toward paperless delivery of reports.

How to Create a Web Report in 5 Minutes

To change a regular Spectrum Writer report into a Web report, once again we simply add one statement:

The above statement tells Spectrum Writer to add HTML formatting codes to your report so that it will display properly on a Web browser. You can then upload the report file to your Web site or attach it to an e-mail message, etc. The report will be viewable on any PC with a Web browser.

The HTML option also lets you specify a title for your Web page, if you like:


Figure 5

Writing your own HTML Tags

For users who know the HTML language, Spectrum Writer also lets you specify your own HTML tags directly within the Web report. By specifying your own HTML tags, you can create very impressive Web reports like the ones shown below and on the following page.

Writing your own HTML commands lets you take advantage of such powerful Web features as:

  • Custom fonts, font sizes, and colors, as well as bold, italic and underlined text.
  • Special effects like animation, blinking text or text that scrolls marquee-like across the screen.
  • Logos, graphics, charts and photographs. For example, you can include employee photographs in a personnel directory.
  • "Hot links" that help viewers navigate within your report -- or which let them jump to external Web pages.
  • Playing audio or video clips. For example, a viewer could click on a product number in an inventory report and automatically see a video clip demonstrating the product in use!

    Figure 6

    Figure 7

    The Next Step

    Now you've seen how easy it is to create custom reports and files with Spectrum Writer. The next step is to try it out with the files in your own shop, absolutely free for 30 days. Use the same easy language you've just read about with your own files and watch productivity soar! Amaze your end-users with your quick turnaround. Bask in your boss's praise for meeting "impossible" deadlines time after time. Just download the free 30-day trial from our Web site. Spectrum Writer installs easily in less than 30 minutes. You can start producing custom reports and files today!

    Download Your Free 30-Day Trial Now!

    Our Customers Say It Best!

    "Everything we hoped it would be. In fact, I can honestly say it exceeded our initial expectations."

    "Once you've used Spectrum Writer to prepare a few reports, you'll never go back to coding report programs in a 3GL."

    "I can create reports in a few minutes. I don't know what I'd do without it."

    "Spectrum Writer is a must-have tool for any installation that generates reports."

    "It is easy to use, flexible and has all the features needed to produce virtually any type of report."

    "The syntax is straightforward, the documentation is good, the support is good."

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