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Spectrum Writer

Overview of Features

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. About Spectrum Writer

What is Spectrum Writer?
Why You Need Spectrum Writer
Spectrum Writer Pays for Itself Fast!
Spectrum Writer Features

Chapter 2. Report Writing Examples

How to Produce a Report in 5 Minutes
How Spectrum Writer Works
Another Report Example
Using Multiple Input Files
A DB2 Example

Chapter 3. Creating ASCII Files

Why PC Formatting Is Necessary
How to Create a PC File in 5 Minutes
Translating the PC File to ASCII
Creating Native ASCII Files on the Mainframe

Chapter 4. Web Report Examples

How to Create a Web Report in 5 Minutes
Writing your own HTML Tags

The Next Step

List of Figures

Figure 1 A Spectrum Writer report produced with just two control statements
Figure 2 A report with a title, computed fields and subtotals
Figure 3 A report with multiple input files
Figure 3.1 A Spectrum Writer DB2 report
Figure 4 Using mainframe data in a Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet
Figure 4.1 Creating a native ASCII file
Figure 5 A basic Web report (viewed with Internet Explorer)
Figure 6 A Web report that uses graphics and "tables"
Figure 7 Two screens from a Web report with "hot links"

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